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Sometimes you hear your heart through those speakers, recorded onto analog tapes

you've got me up against the wall.
19 April
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Hi guys, I'm Dany and I'm moving to Boston in a few weeks. By the time you read this, I will probably already be in Boston, a freshman at Northeastern University. Kennedy Hall, Room 120.

I like theatre, musicals, music, singing, indie rock, hardcore, etc etc. I often wear my heart on my sleeve. I sometimes get too passionate, and later forget about that passion, or lose it somehow. Sometimes, I wish I could figure out this explosive, short lived attention span, but as my father (with similar qualities) says, "it's a good defense against drug addiction!"

My newaddress:
Daniel Shaffer
BOX #0475
119 Hemenway Street
Boston, MA 02115

Come see me or write me. Everyone from Orlando will be missed. I might not speak to you again, but I know that someday, 10-15 years from now, I'll be talking to my kids about some situation, and you will probably come up, regardless of who you are. For a moment I will get real nostalgic and a sad song will come on in my head. We receive so much information and know so many people in today's world, it's sometimes hard to keep up with it all. Just look at some people's friends lists. too many. I hope I see you when I come back to Orlando during the summer. Goodbye everyone.

old old picture but i guess I'm still okay...

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