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you've got me up against the wall.

Gonzales went before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday to defend our douchebag president's program of unlawful spying.

A good excerpt to give you an idea of what happened:

At the end of the hearing, Gonzales let slip the real reason Bush set up a
program to evade FISA. Gonzales said that if the government had to apply for
a FISA warrant, it "can't begin surveillance based on a whim
of someone at NSA."

Gonzales would not tell the senators whether Bush has authorized other secret
programs besides the NSA spying. Gonzales refused to say whether the government
could wiretap purely domestic calls without a warrant, or whether he has the
authority to search the first class mail of American citizens or to examine
people's medical records. When Republican Senator John Cornyn asked him whether
law enforcement could shoot down a plane with drugs, Gonzales said, "I'd
have to think about that."

Gonzales declined to rule out the president's commander in chief power to torture,
notwithstanding Congress's passage of the McCain Amendment on December 30. When
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham asked him whether a Congressional statute
that forbids abuse of prisoners could infringe on the president's commander
in chief powers, Gonzales said, "It depends."

WOW. THAT BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND. I don't think there's any more evidence of blatant disregard for the law there!

get the full story here.
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