you've got me up against the wall. (lights_down_low) wrote,
you've got me up against the wall.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse....

your parents could be having sex right now.

If so, your mother is probably straddling your father with her back arched, moaning.
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I'm actually having sex with your mom. her back is arched and shes moaning... I'm also checking lj at the same time.
miss you

can't wait till you come home
holy shit that's skill
holy shit. You fuckin sick ass bastard. I swear. Ugh... but yeah i miss you too.... and yeah, cannot wait to see you!
lol maybe a few years ago... but none the less. gross.
anytime now, you could be having sex.
And that's just impeccibly too much for me to handle.
man on man action.. you on man action..
You're so gay dude [not really]
Dude whatever man, peace.
You can have a vineyard anytime lol.
haaahaha totally forgot about that
dude, I KNOW my parents never have sex. Everytime they get into an argument, my Mom complains about it.

otherwise, witty post, you sick bastard.